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Chrono Kernel

[Kernel][DualBoot] Chrono Kernel R4.x

Custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2


  • Universal kernel for JB, KK and LP-based ROMs
  • CPU, GPU and DDR OC support
  • more governors and I/O schedulers
  • Lite kernel – some kernel features moved to modules
  • fully working BLN
  • Sweep2wake && Doubletap2wake
  • CPU freq settings for suspend
  • Full F2FS support
  • SELinux support
  • UKSM support
  • ABB-charger tweaks
  • … and much more

Standard Disclaimer: Not responsible for bricking your phone, voiding your warranty, or any other pain or suffering you may feel as result of using this kernel!!!

Read more about this kernel on xda.


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r4.8.2-nodebug: DepositFiles
r4.8.2: DepositFiles

r4.8.1-nodebug: DepositFiles
r4.8.1: DepositFiles
r4.8-nodebug: DepositFiles
r4.8: DepositFiles
r4.7-nodebug: DepositFiles
r4.7: DepositFiles
r4.6: DepositFiles
r4.5: DepositFiles

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