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Sep 20

Chrono Kernel r4.8 for Galaxy Ace 2

New release r4.8 of Chrono Kernel for Galaxy Ace 2 is up!


  • Fixed A2DP broken in the suspend (i.e. when the display is off)
  • Added sdcardfs support for Android 6.0 (needs an update in a ROM so wait for a new releases!)
  • Fixed UID_CPUTIME support as required by Marshmallow

* sdcardfs is a kernel filesystem developed by Samsung and recently
seen in AOSP’s common kernel branches. It entirely eliminates
the need to use FUSE for sdcard emulation and moves all the
wrapping logic to kernel. This vastly improves performance for
use cases which read/write to emulated as well as removable

A2DP: we’ve been tracking this bug for a while, and now it was finally fixed thanks to testing by SergeyL@4pda. The problem was that A2DP wasn’t working when user was listening to the music via bluetooth with the display powered off. As it turned out, the culprit was a some of CPUidle debugging code that was disabled since r3.8.1 in an effort of reducing the size of the kernel.

UID_CPUTIME: this is a module that now on Marshmallow does a per-apps tracking of the power consuming. The fixes are minor, and are backports of some changes from Android Kernel 3.10. Not sure if the battery stats now are working better (I assume that the battery stats are generally somehow bugged on MM, so I was doing these backports in order to check that), but at least we have as complete support for this feature as it’s possible on 3.0 🙂

Fave a fun and happy flashing!

Download links are available here.

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